2017 Cross Country Course

Eric Winter’s course design

Find out what Eric had in store for competitors in his first year as course designer in this fascinating virtual tour with drone flyovers, filmed walkthroughs with international rider Harry Meade, photos, audio, alternative route diagrams and statistics.
Click on any fence to start the preview. Best viewed in full screen mode; for instructions on how to download the map for viewing at home or at Badminton click here to view our user guide.

Optimum Time: 11min 35sec. 6600m

Download the course before you head to Badminton with CrossCountry App Use it anywhere on course; no internet required.


Eric comes to Badminton with a wealth of course designing under his belt, having worked at the Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials, the Asian Games, two European Pony Championships, a European Junior and a European Young Rider Championship. He knows the lie of the land here at Badminton well having served as Technical Delegate 2011-2014 and completed here as a rider in 1991.

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Fence by Fence Illustrations

1. ASX Starter

The ASX Starter is highly decorated to stand out for the horses.

2. Rolex Rolltop

The Rolex Rolltop is huge but very inviting

3. Keepers Question

The new Keepers Question replaces the Brush. It looks big early on!

4. Mike Weavers Haywain

Mike Weavers Haywain is now a tradition but this year it is at the top of a sharp slope

5. Savills Staircase

Savills Staircase is the first real test – string rails at the top and a sharply angled hedge below

6. Countryside Birch

This birch table can be jumped at an acute angle – or straight which wastes time

7. L200s

The Mitsubishi L200 pickups are the start of the Lake complex and should set the horses up

8. The Lake

The Lake involves a big drop into the water followed by a step up to a choice of sharply angled brushes – with a very long alternative

9. Offset Oxer

A very old fashioned fence, the Offset Oxer should provide something of a let up.

10. Shogun Hollow

Two open corners form the key to the Shogun Hollow. The long route involves two slightly easier corners and an extra effort.

11, 12. KBIS Bridge

The KBIS bridge comprises both 11 and 12 on the direct route. Otherwise there is an open ditch and 180 degree turn back to a set of rails

13. Outlander Bank

The Outlander Bank offers two alternative houses, set at slightly different distances

14. Rolex Grand Slam Trakehner

A lot of earth moving went into making the Rolex Grand Slam Trakehner!

15. Hildon Water Pond

At the Hildon Water Pond the straight route includes two tree stumps which do not offer a very big target

16. Sheep Feeder

A straightforward, maximum dimension Sheep Feeder is set on a gentle downhill run

17. Mirage Pond

At the Mirage Pond the entry is relatively straightforward but the direct route involves a real risk of a run out at the second part

18. Devoucoux Oxer

The Devoucoux Oxer is as big as the rules allow!

19. PHEV Corral

The PHEV Corral requires a steady, very balanced approach and then careful steering to let the horse see the line out of the complex

20. Event Mobility Dining Table

Our charity of the year is celebrated at the Event Mobility Dining Table

21. Joules Corners

Set in front of Badminton House, Joules Corners will really find out if the horses are still responsive and full of energy

22. Wadworth Lakeside

Bullfinches are relatively rare these days but the Wadworth Lakeside should not prove a problem

23. Irish Horse Gateway Huntsmans Close

In Huntsmans Close the Irish Horse Gateway logpiles are a test of handiness as the horses begin to tire

24. World Horse Welfare Gates

Two World Horse Welfare Gates involve right angles turns and require the riders to balance their horses carefully

25, 26. HorseQuest Quarry

A big spread before one of the narrow brushes in the bottom of the HorseQuest Quarry will find out whether the horses are still focussed on the job

Horses usually find uphill fences quite easy but the Wall still looks daunting

27, 28. FEI Classics Hedges

The FEI Classics Hedges deserve full respect despite being straightforward

29. Rolex Trunk

The approach to the Rolex Trunk is deliberately a bit awkward through the trees to make sure the riders pay attention!

30. Mitsubishi Final Mount

The winning design in our competition provides a fitting finale – The Mitsubishi Final Mount

Course Map