2018 Cross Country Course

Eric Winter’s course design

Take a fascinating interactive tour with six times Badminton winner Lucinda Green and course designer Eric Winter. Filmed walkthroughs, drone flyovers, photos, audio, intelligent direct and alternative routes and statistics.

Click any fence to start. Best viewed in full screen mode.

Speed: 570m/min
Optimum Time: 11 min 49 seconds
Official length: 6740 metres

Download the course before you head to Badminton with the free CrossCountry Lite iPhone app.

Use it anywhere on course; no internet required. Or take advantage of the free WiFi in the Food Courts and Trade Stand area.


2018 is Eric’s second year as course designer at Badminton having previously worked at the Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials, the Asian Games, two European Pony Championships, a European Junior and a European Young Rider Championship. He knows the lie of the land here at Badminton well having served as Technical Delegate 2011-2014 and completed here as a rider in 1991.

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Fence by Fence Illustrations

Artwork of the final fences is by Caroline Bromley-Gardner. Full size versions of the illustrations below can be viewed in our online gallery here
Fence 1

1. ASX Starter

Rider’s jump the first fence in the atmosphere of the main arena. The ASX Starter is highly decorated to stand out for the horses and help to focus them on the job inhand.

Fence 2

2. Rolex Feeder

Riders are out into the deer park and have the choice of jumping either the left or right hand fence of these huge but inviting rolltops.

Fence 3

3. HorseQuest Hump

A log positioned on a new mound, built to shift horses off their rhythm and pick them up before the first combination fence.

Fence 4AB

4ab. HorseQuest Quarry

Element a is a 1.15m wall at the top of a steep bank with a 90 degree turn to jump a second wall up and out of the quarry basin. With fresh horses having a tendency to run on down the slope the fence will test the riders’ control.

Fence 5

5. Rolex Grand Slam Skinny

This narrow brush fence is straightforward enough if you turn around the tree to address it head on; cutting the corner to take it on the angle needs balance and organisation but will save vital time.

Fence 6a
Fenee 6 bc

6abc. Huntsmans Close

Riders must weave their way through the trees to find their lines over the narrow fences, negotiating the twisting angles of this difficult combination.

Fence 7

7. Traders Table

One of the biggest fences on the course with a maximum top spread of 2m. Despite this it’s not here to cause a problem but rather to keep the horses and riders alert for the next fences to come.

Fence 8

8. Wadworths Water

An imposing A frame makes the first introduction to water on the course this year.

Fence 9

9abc. The Lake

The iconic Badminton Lake needs a big commitment for the imposing log in with it’s massive drop. From here riders must regain their poise and turn to jump two narrow angled brush fences, one in the water and a second on the bank on the way out.

Fence 10

10. L200s

Riders will be jumping with joy to get the lake behind them and should skip over the pickups to run down towards the main house.

Fence 11

11. World Horse Welfare Gates

These upright gates pose an interesting question coming off a steep turn from the gallop down from the lake and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Fence 12

12. Formulate! White Oxers

Riders can choose to jump left or right to find their best flow over one of these massive oxers.

Fence 13

13. Stick Pile

One of the biggest fences on the course but, taken on a straight line, those who can find their distance and see a stride should make it look easy.

14, 15, 16ab. Outlander PHEV Mound

A complex of three separately numbered fences and one of the most testing on the course.

At 14 riders jump a corner either side of a tree down into the hollow, choosing their line up a steep hill to jump 15, one of two triple bars.

From here they run to the right angle corners of 16ab.

17. Devoucoux Quad Bar

A big old fashioned Badminton fence designed to stand up and reward commitment.

18abc. Eclipse Cross Pond

From the bravery required for the previous fence, horse and rider will have to be careful and cat-like to negotiate the light airy rails of the eclipse cross pond that nevertheless will take some jumping.

19. Vicarage Rolltop

A beautiful brush fence of maximum height to serve as a ‘let up fence’ and muster confidence for the questions to come.

20abc. Hildon Water Pond

The Hildon Water requires steady, balanced riding to negotiate the quick route and save vital seconds. From the woodpile a careful pop is required over a waterfall trough in the water and pinpoint accuracy to see the tight line out over the shaped brush.

21. National Star Trakehner

An impressive fence that should pose few problems for those who keep their head up.

22, 23. KBIS Vicarage Vee

The direct route of this infamous fence is numbered as a single fence while the longer alternative takes up plenty of time.

24 abcd. Shogun Hollow

Feel, energy and control are the required ingredients for a straight run to see you over these narrow, angled  fences. It’s a long way round for those that don’t fancy the test.

25. Countryside Haywain

The Countryside Haywain is a popular tradition on the Badminton course and a welcome breather for horse and rider.

26 abc. Joules Corners

These wide brush corners are a test of accuracy and control to find out whether horses are still focussed on the job.

27. BHS Table

A big table to check that horses are still active and going forward, jump it on the angle to save time if you can.

28. Crooked S Bullfinch

Have riders conserved enough energy in their horses to run up this steep hill and jump the bullfinch at the top?

29 abc. Savills Escalator

The last combination on the course, horses and riders are required to hold their line through the stone-age village, negotiating a series of brush fences over undulating ground to test their balance and organisation.

30. Fischer Brush

A classic brush fence on the Badminton course with a big wide ditch that should jump well to see the horses cruise home.

31. Rolex Treetrunk

A run up the bank  should put the horses in great shape to jump the Rolex Treetrunk at the top and on to the final fence!

32. Shogun Sport Saddle

The final fence comes in the main arena with the roar of the crowd to see our brave competitors home.

Course Map