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The Official Badminton  DVD 2019

The Official Badminton DVD 2019 is now available – Approximately 80 mins – Was £21.99 – Now £4.99


.Approx 80 mins

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Click here for more details on Badminton DVD and The Little Book by Julian Seaman (Badminton Press Officer)

60 Years of Badminton DVD

From the first black and white footage of the early events to the highlights from the BBC’s coverage of the 60th year of Badminton, this historical programme charts the visual history of the world premiere 3 Day Event.
Interviews with the Duke of Beaufort, event Director Hugh Thomas and 6 times champion Lucinda Green help tell the story of this equestrian event, rich in sporting achievement as well as tradition.

DVDs from Past Badmintons

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