Commemorative Quiz

1969 Course

This year marks 50 years since Richard Walker won the 1969 Badminton Horse Trials; a very special milestone because he was and remains the youngest ever rider to win the title. He was just aged 18 and 247 days at the time.

1969 Course Map

Can you answer these questions based on the Interactive Commemorative version of the 1969 Badminton course made by our partners CrossCountryApp?

1. Which famous show jumper competed this year?

2. Who fell off at fence 5?

3. Which Australian came 3rd in the competition?

4. Which siblings competed in this year?

5. What was the spread of the Sleeper Stack?

6. Which 2018 fence is reminiscent of the Elephant Trap?

7. Who took a tumble at the Lake?

8. What is a Ha Ha?

9. What pace is Phase A ridden at?

10. Who drew the pictures?

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