The Renewable Heat Finance Company

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The Renewable Heat Finance Company

Low cost renewable heating


The renewable heat finance company will reduce the cost of installing renewable heating by swapping the government subsidy paid over 7 years with money today. We can contribute up to £7,500 towards an air source heat pump and £24,000 towards a ground source heat pump. This can be as much as 80-100% off the cost of installation.

Why install a heat pump

Reduced fuel bills – compared to oil, heat pumps can cost 40% less to run

More consistent heat – Heating remains on at a lower temperature giving a more consistent heat

Save CO2 – By reducing your dependence on fossil fuels you are saving the planet

Government subsidy available – Both the green homes grant, Assignment of Rights and Renewable Heat Incentive are currently available

Get rid of your ugly oil boiler – Heat pumps run on electricity and so do not need an oil store.

This is available to almost anyone who owns their own home and we work with high quality installation partners across the country to carry out installs.

Call us to see how much you could save: 0203 151 3192

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