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Sunday 8th May, 2022

Fudge, fizz and pheasant: our pick of the food stands

We let our stomachs lead the way to the food halls...

Here in the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials media centre, we like to know exactly what’s on offer in the way of tasty treats and delicious drinks outside of our tented cocoon, so we let our stomachs lead the way to the food halls.

Fudge Kitchen

Fudge is to Badminton what popcorn is to cinema, and Fudge Kitchen is the place to go. Dan Twiddy, or “Mr Fudge” as he is known, has been a regular at Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials for 10 years.

The company, which is now 30 years old, has seven shops around the country, the biggest of which is the flagship store in Bath.

From Lemon Drizzle to Chocolate Walnut and Cappucino, the choice of flavours is mind-boggling.

“Badminton is our favourite show – and I’m not just saying that because we’re here,” said Dan’s right-hand man, Patch, who helps make the fudge, which is all done by hand.

When asked what their bestseller is, Patch replies without hesitating: “Salted caramel by a country mile”.

So, naturally, we had to sample it. And, yes, we can thoroughly recommend a slab or three.

Hedgerow Cocktails

Hedgerow Cordials

Whoever would have thought that gin and wild nettle would be such delicious cocktail companions? But Charlotte Grant knows her flavours.

This is a first trip to the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials for the Suffolk-based company, which Charlotte founded four years ago and now runs with her boyfriend, Ross Bennett.

Charlotte sources all the ingredients for Hedgerow Cordials herself; foraging in hedgerows, picking nettles and visiting local farmers’ markets. “We hand-picked 1500 elderflowers last year,” revealed Ross.

When it comes to new flavor combinations, much is down to trial and error. “Ingredients you wouldn’t imagine would work together often do, and vice versa,” Ross added.

And if you’re not in the mood for an alcoholic tipple, we can thoroughly recommend their range of delicious sparkling or still cordials. Find the stand in the Rural Crafts Association Food Walk.

The Game Chef

Game Chef

If you’re bored of bacon baps, we recommend you head to The Game Chef (Rural Crafts Association Food Walk), for a Southern Fried Pheasant Wrap.

The Game Chef is the brainchild of Tom Godber-Ford Moore, who cut his culinary teeth cooking around the Mediterranean for clients ranging from Italian artists to the King of Spain. The company is based slap bang in the middle of Exmoor, so there there is no shortage of raw material to work with.

Over the years, Tom has teamed up with a number of local shoots and the National Trust to produce high-quality meat to sell to the public.

“Nothing is wasted; we make sure every part of the bird is made into something delicious,” he said.

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