Past Winners

At Badminton

2021 Event Cancelled
2020 Event Cancelled
2019 Piggy French (Great Britain) on Trevor Dickens’ Vanir Kamira
Jonelle Price (New Zealand) on her own and Trisha Rickards’ Classic Moet
2017 Andrew Nicholson (New Zealand) and Deborah Sellar’s Nereo
2016 Michael Jung (Germany) on Jung Family & Erich Single’s La Biosthetique – Sam FBW
2015 William Fox-Pitt (Great Britain) on Christopher Stone’s Chilli Morning
2014 Sam Griffiths (Australia) on his own, Dinah Posford’s and Jules Carter’s Paulank Brockagh
2013 Jonathan Paget (New Zealand) on Frances Stead’s Clifton Promise
2012 Event Cancelled
2011 Mark Todd (New Zealand) on NZB Bloodstock’s NZB Land Vision
2010 Paul Tapner (Australia) on his own and Jenny Waaler’s Inonothing
2009 Oliver Townend on Robert & Edward Nicholson’s Flint Curtis
2008 Nicolas Touzaint (France) on Monique Girard Claudon’s Hildago De L’Ile
2007 Lucinda Fredericks (Australia) on her own and Clayton Fredericks’s Headley Britannia
2006 Andrew Hoy (Australia) on Susan Magnier’s Moonfleet
2005 Pippa Funnell on Mr. & Mrs. R. Lincoln & Metier Consulting’s Primmore’s Pride
2004 William Fox-Pitt on Mary Guinness’s Tamarillo
2003 Pippa Funnell on The Pitt-Lewthwaite Syndicate’s Supreme Rock
2002 Pippa Funnell on The Pitt-Lewthwaite Syndicate’s Supreme Rock
2001 Event Cancelled
2000 Mary King on Hiscox Insurance Company & D King’s Star Appeal
1999 Ian Stark on Lady Hartington’s JayBee
1998 Christopher Bartle on Mr and Mrs A Cantwell’s Word Perfect II
1997 David O’Connor (USA) on Custom Made
1996 Mark Todd (New Zealand) on Robert Howell Construction’s Bertie Blunt
1995 Bruce Davidson (USA) on Mr and Mrs G. Strawbridge’s Eagle Lion
1994 Mark Todd (New Zealand) on Horton Point Syndicate’s Horton Point
1993 Ginny Leng on Citibank and Mrs H. Holgate’s Welton Houdini
1992 Mary Thomson on Mrs G. Robinson and Mr. D. King’s King William
1991 Rodney Powell on The Irishman II
1990 Nicola McIrvine on Mrs J. Elliott’s Middle Road
1989 Ginny Leng on Citibank Savings and Mrs H. Holgate’s Master Craftsman
1988 Ian Stark on The Edinburgh Woollen Mill’s Sir Wattie
1987 Event Cancelled
1986 Ian Stark on The Edinburgh Woollen Mill’s Sir Wattie
1985 Ginny Holgate on British National Life Assurance’s Priceless
1984 Lucinda Green on SR Direct Mail Ltd’s Beagle Bay
1983 Lucinda Green on SR Direct Mail Ltd’s Regal Realm
1982 Richard Meade on George Wimpey Plc’s Speculator III
1981 Capt Mark Phillips on Range Rover Team’s Lincoln
1980 Mark Todd (New Zealand) on Southern Comfort III
1979 Lucinda Prior-Palmer on Mr. C. Cyzer’s Killaire
1978 Jane Holderness-Roddam on Mrs S Howard and Mrs T. Holderness-Roddam’s Warrior
1977 Lucinda Prior-Palmer on Mrs H. C. Straker’s George
1976 Lucinda Prior-Palmer on Miss V. Phillips’ Wide Awake
1975 Event Cancelled
1974 Capt. Mark Phillips on H.M. The Queen’s Columbus
1973 Lucinda Prior-Palmer on Be Fair
1972 Lt. Mark Phillips on his own and Miss F. Phillip’s Great Ovation
1971 Lt. Mark Phillips on his own and Miss F. Phillip’s Great Ovation
1970 Richard Meade on the Combined Training Committee’s The Poacher
1969 Richard Walker on Pasha
1968 Jane Bullen on Our Nobby
1967 Celia Ross-Taylor on Jonathan
1966 Event Cancelled
1965 (Great Badminton) Major Eddie Boylan (Ireland) on Durlas Eile. (Little Badminton) Capt. Martin Whiteley on The Poacher
1964 (Great Badminton) Capt. James Templer on M’Lord Connolly. (Little Badminton) Sheila Waddington on Glenamoy
1962 (Great Badminton) Anneli Drummond-Hay on Merely-a-Monarch. (Little Badminton) Penny Crofts on . H. Graham-Clark’s Priam
1961 (Great Badminton) Laurie Morgan (Australia) on Salad Days (Little Badminton) Capt. Peter Welch on Mr. Wilson
1960 (Great Badminton) . Bill Roycroft (Australia) on Our Solo. (Little Badminton) Capt. Martin Whiteley on Peggoty
1959 Sheila Willcox-Waddington on Airs and Graces (Little Badminton) Shelagh Kesler on Double Diamond
1958 Sheila Willcox on High and Mighty
1957 Sheila Willcox on High and Mighty
1956 Lt. Col. Frank Weldon on Kilbarry
1955 (Windsor) Major Frank Weldon on Kilbarry
1954 Margaret Hough on Bambi
1953 Major Laurence Rook on J. R. Baker’s Starlight
1952 Capt. Mark Darley on Emily Little
1951 Capt Hans Schwarzenbach (Switzerland) on Vae Victis
1950 Capt.Tony. Collings on G. H. Crystal’s Remus
1949 John Shedden on Mrs Home Kidson’s Golden Willow