Wednesday 4th May
Sunday 8th May, 2022

Rider Blog: Ugolotti & Robinson are on cloud nine

Kathryn's smile when she came through the finish was priceless, I'm really proud of them both...

Kathryn: ‘Wow, that was amazing. I can’t believe that Bee and I have just jumped clear round our first Badminton. It’s going to take a while to sink in, that’s for sure. Bee was great, and gave me such a good ride.

‘I took it steady, with several long routes so I picked up lots of time penalties – more than twice as many as Gio – but it was a clear round that I really wanted, and I am over the moon.’

Giovanni: ‘We are both really happy how the day went. Kathryn’s smile when she came through the finish was priceless, I’m really proud of them both.

‘Oplitas gave me an amazing ride all the way round and was just really unlucky to have a 20 at the Shogun Hollow! I’m very, very proud of him and was a great feeling to finally cross the finish line, even with a 20 because the last two years I didn’t make it that far.

‘I did change my plan in a couple of places after watching the early rounds – originally I was going to go straight at the Vicarage Vee but it was causing so many problems I changed my mind. I’d also half thought of going long at the Shogun Hollow, and perhaps I should have done, but he was jumping so well I risked it.

‘Both horses finished well, so we now just have to see how they are in the morning and keep our fingers crossed for a good day tomorrow.’

Gio lies in 34th place and Kathryn in 40th overnight.