Wednesday 6th May
Sunday 10th May, 2020

Round up of the first vet inspection

Hats were very much in vogue, despite the wind. Tina Cook's ended up on the 'runway' on her return trip with De Novo News...

All bar one of the 82 horses that were presented to the Ground Jury (Christian Landolt, Sue Baxter and David Lee) were passed; unfortunately for Badminton first timer Matthew Heath, he will not be taking The Lion forward to the dressage. Also experiencing a nervous wait after being sent to the hold box were our Guest Blogger Aoife Clark with Vaguely North and Tom Crisp with Cooleys Luxury although both horses were passed on re-presentation.

In a chilly, gusting wind several riders had their hands full as horses played to the crowds; Paul Sims’s Glengarnock put on a particularly good show. In contrast Chilli Morning, in the capable hands of William Fox-Pitt, seemed a little reluctant to return back through the archway to the stables – perhaps the applause for this final combination wasn’t loud enough for the British team medal winning stallion.

As usual, the ladies were making more of a fashion statement than the men – with the possible exception of Ben Hobday and Paul Tapner, who looked to be trying to ‘out-cool’ each other with almost identical ‘edgy’ hair cuts and shades.

Jonelle Price sported a burnt orange jersey mini dress with patterned tights and knee length black boots. In contrast, Charlotte Agnew showed her Scottish grit in the plummeting temperatures by trotting up in a navy blue, short sleeved, crocheted mini dress with pink flowers in her hair.

Louisa Milne-Holme wore an eye-catching tweed suite with an orange trilby, but our pick of the ladies outfits was that worn by Camilla Speirs; a stunning full skirted, thigh-length tweed coat over a black and white spotted skirt.

Hats were very much in vogue, despite the wind. Tina Cook’s ended up on the ‘runway’ on her return trip with De Novo News; Lucy Jackson, going later in the afternoon, had firmly secured her fascinator-type design, which looked fabulous.

For the boys, first timer Ben Way, Bill Levett and Sam Watson vied for our best dressed vote. Tweed was popular, with some flashes of coloured linings – this is becoming rather a Levett trademark, since his sponsorship by A Hume Country Clothing.

So now the serious stuff starts: dressage starts with  David Doel performing the ‘Guinea Pig’ test at 9.10am before Paul Tapner opens the main competition riding Kilronan at 9.30.