Wednesday 5th May
Sunday 9th May, 2021

Jonty & Art make a come-back for Friday at Badminton

He may still be on the road to recovery after a severe head injury in 2018 but we are delighted to say Ireland’s Jonty Evans and his Olympic ride Cooley Rorkes Drift are returning to Badminton on Friday 3rd May.

Each year international dressage rider and trainer Pammy Hutton comperes a dressage demonstration for our Thursday and Friday crowds in the Main Arena during the dressage break; this year will be a truly exceptional one with Gloucestershire-based Jonty and ‘Art’ forming part of her Friday line-up.

Jonty who has been back in the saddle for several months now said: “Ever since I was a little boy I have been obsessed with Badminton so to be asked to come back now is absolutely great. I watched my heroes here, Ian Stark, Ginny Leng and lots more, so it has always been an exceptional event to be part of.

Speaking of the horse he managed to keep after huge crowd-fundraising campaign in 2017, Jonty added: “In his eyes Art is just going to think everyone is there especially to watch him, he will love being back at Badminton so much.”

Dressage for All

The two days of dressage demonstrations headed up by Pammy begin at 12:30 on both Thursday and Friday of Badminton and will include a focus on how important it is to ride in several disciplines to make the most out of your riding career, show a freestyle to music and a performance from a Para European medallist dressage star. The horses selected for the performance also show the different types who can perform at elite level dressage.


Dressage on Badminton Radio

Pammy is much loved for her Badminton Radio Dressage commentary along with her co-host the top dressage judge Peter Storr who made his Badminton Radio debut in 2017.  Badminton Radio is livestreamed throughout the event, find out more here.