Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials

Wednesday 1st May - Sunday 5th May, 2019 #MMBHT

Luck rides the airwaves

BBC anchorman, Nick Luck, is looking forward to his first Mitsubishi Badminton Horse Trials. He has already had an enviable career in front of the camera for Channel 4 Racing, Racing UK and American broadcaster NBC, and has more recently joined the BBC equestrian commentary team, debuting at Burghley before adding Olympia to his CV.

At Badminton he is teaming up with three-time Badminton winner Ian Stark, with whom Nick also worked at Burghley. “I am absolutely not an expert, and am curious to find out more,” he admits. “It is a big advantage working with Ian, in that he is an excellent ‘summariser’ – I hope I ask him the type of questions a ‘typical’ viewer would like the answers to. It’s a case of trying to elicit the expertise from those people sitting beside me.

“A key part of the job is knowing when not to speak, as much as what to say when you do. It’s better to keep quiet during the important moments and then tie everything together for people to understand, basically making sure the audience is kept abreast of all the relevant moments, and building the excitement throughout the day.”

So how does Nick prepare for Cross country day? “I research the rider biographies so that I know something about all the competitors, and I walk the course twice – usually once with Ian and once on my own, where I glean more information from riders who are also out walking.

“Cross country day is very stimulating, although perhaps commentating on the final few rounds of the showjumping is the most exciting part of my weekend.”

Coverage starts on the BBC red button at 11.20am for today’s Cross country action.