Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials

Wednesday 1st May - Sunday 5th May, 2019 #MMBHT

Rider blog: Elisa Wallace can’t wait for the cross country

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Last time I checked, Badminton is not a dressage show...

I’m very proud of my horse. The competitive side of me is slightly disappointed with our score of 53.2 and 58th place standing after dressage. Johnny tried very hard to focus in the very windy atmosphere but the tension demon did start to creep out a little bit. But he got better and better throughout the test, and did everything I asked of him.

Last time I checked, Badminton is not a dressage show.

Eric Winter has certainly built an impressive Cross Country test. It’s going to take riding every inch of the course, and a very brave and bold horse.

Today, Johnny and I finally and get to do what we have been waiting for: Cross Country! It always feels like he is smiling when we are on course together.

Here we go…