Wednesday 5th May
Sunday 9th May, 2021

Rider blog: Lucy Jackson is at ‘The greatest event in the world’

Rider blog: We're here. The greatest event in the world.

We’re actually here. The greatest event in the world, the one we all dream of riding at, our Wimbledon, Lords or Silverstone.

An easy journey was followed by some less easy Bluebell (the lorry) manoeuvring to drop Beans (Bosun) and his kit off and get wedged comfortably into the lorry field. Austin Powers springs to mind.

I took Beans for a lovely hack up the Long Walk to Worcester Lodge, to stretch his legs, have a little canter to let off steam and enjoy a short stretching session in the practice arenas on my way back to the stables.

He is well aware we are somewhere busy and important but having never done Badminton before he gave me a slightly more relaxing hack than Willy Do this time last year who, at his third visit, was something of a lunatic.

The sun is shining and the ground feels good to soft which should mean near perfect by Saturday.

I’m enjoying every second of being here and will save my Oscar length thank you list but for now thanks to Claire Gregson and Emelia Hazell for tending to the champs every whim. We’re both very lucky to have you on our team!

The Briefing is at 12.15pm today, with a Team NZ course walk straight afterwards. Then trot up this afternoon at 4.30pm. I’ll give Beans another good hack and stretch this morning and work him with Andrew Fletcher this afternoon… Eek it’s all about to get real!