Wednesday 3rd May
Sunday 7th May, 2023

Rider blog: Ros Canter – best Brit in 5th place

5th at Badminton! I certainly didn't expect to be saying that when I wrote my first blog...

5th at Badminton! I certainly didn’t expect to be saying that when I wrote my first blog.

Alby was feeling very well this morning. It was a 5am start to make sure he was feeling well for the trot up. He was feeling so good that we struggled to keep hold of him when we gave him a trot up to see how he had come through the night. He flew through the horse inspection, thankfully not quite as exuberantly as the first, and I felt a little more professional running alongside a horse that was not towing me.

We then had a long wait until it was time to get on to jump. I walked the course about 5 times I think, trying to fill time, watched the morning jumping session and then got some lunch and bought a thank you present for Sarah who has looked after Alby beautifully this week.

Finally it was time to get on and walk to the main arena. I had a bit of a word with myself about riding tight lines and being positive. The time was proving tight and time penalties are a bit of a weakness for me so I knew I had to push myself to ride forwards. This can sometimes be difficult as Alby makes up a lot of ground in his related distance. However, today it just went right.

We only jumped about 6 practice fences as he was on springs, and in we went. He jumped such a lovely clear round. It was so exciting and such a wonderful results for all the people who have helped in our journey.

The prize giving was fun, although I had little to no control in the lap of honour and was relieved to only go round once. I’m afraid I didn’t dare take my hand off my reins to wave – this was another one of those moments where I’m very little and Alby is very big!

It’s now 11:15pm and we have about another hour of travelling before we get home. I can’t wait to see Alby out in the field in morning!