Wednesday 5th May
Sunday 9th May, 2021

So Here We Go Again!

The 2012 event is nearer than the 2011 edition and with the London Olympics in our sights the excitement will build every week.
The Willis Bros have already been busy in the Park, with a major modification to the former Sunken Road, cutting out the step and giving us much more flexibility. We try to get everything that needs the moving of earth done before Christmas, so visitors will hardly notice the changes in the ground by May.

Most of our Contractors’ agreements have been finalised; the volunteers have been invited again – except for all the fence judges and cross country stewards, to whom we write in January; we have already got a couple of new supporting sponsors, to be announced in the New Year; the Box Office systems have been updated and tested, tested, tested…………lets hope all goes well in January!

That reminds me – why not give a Badminton ticket voucher for Christmas or indeed a birthday present? Ring Vicky or Delyth in the Box Office (01454 218375) and they will sort something out for almost any budget! The Box Office itself opens for online and telephone bookings in January, but they are all set to help you surprise and delight family or friends.
After Christmas there will be no time to spare as we head for Badminton 2012 – so all of our team wish our friends a very happy Christmas – and keep something on the credit card account to book tickets in the New Year!