Wednesday 6th May
Sunday 10th May, 2020

Top three all through the final horse inspection

Fifty-seventy combinations will come forward to today’s final showjumping phase at the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials.

Five horses were not presented at this morning’s final horse inspection: Jonathan Paget’s Clifton Promise (number 6), Beanie Sturgis’ Lebowski (number 29), Flora Harris’ Amazing VIII (number 37), Lucy Jackson’s Willy Do (number 71) and Izzy Taylor’s Briarlands Matilda (number 93).

Elizabeth Power’s September Bliss was held for re-inspection, but subsequently passed.

The showjumping for the lower-placed riders begins at 11.30am with the top 20 jumping at 2.45pm after the parade of competitors at 2.30pm.