Badminton winners reunited

Wednesday 7th - 11th May 2025

Badminton winners reunited

Badminton winners from the past 56 years were reunited on cross-country morning for a special breakfast and photocall to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the event.

The longest-standing winners present were Jane Holderness-Roddam (nee Bullen), who managed to get time off from her nursing job, to win in 1968 on the little family horse Our Nobby (his cross-country bit can be seen in the Badminton Museum) and Richard Walker (1969, Pasha), who holds the record as the youngest ever winner, aged 18.

Also present were six-time winner Lucinda Green, four-time winners Capt Mark Phillips and Sir Mark Todd, plus triple winners Ian Stark, who was the victor on the occasion of Badminton’s 50th anniversary in 1999, Ginny Elliot and Pippa Funnell.

Rodney Powell was the last winner of the Whitbread Trophy in 1991 and Mary King the first winner of the Mitsubishi Trophy in 1992 as well as the first victor of the new millennium in 2000 – both trophies, alongside the MARS Trophy, are on display in the Badminton Museum.

Five of group are competing today: Pippa Funnell (2002, 2003, 2005), William Fox-Pitt (2004, 2015), Jonelle Price (2018), Laura Collett (2022) and Ros Canter (2023).