Your Health & Safety At Badminton

The following statement sets out our general policy in accordance with the requirements of the Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974

 Badminton Horse Trials places great importance on the health and safety of all employees, contractors, officials, competitors, the public and all other visitors to the Trials.  Every reasonable effort will be made to prevent accidents.

Badminton Horse Trials is fully committed to compliance with both the letter and the spirit of the Act and of all regulations stemming from the Act.

Badminton Horse Trials has in place a management structure that ensures that responsibility for health and safety is allocated and carried out at an appropriate level.  Many of those responsible for health and safety in particular areas of the event are volunteers, but this in no way lessens either their responsibility or Badminton Horse Trials’ support for them.

Both employees and volunteers have a duty to work safely with due consideration for the health and safety of themselves and others.  They must report any injury, dangerous occurrence or potentially unsafe situation at the earliest opportunity, taking steps to remedy the situation themselves if at all possible.

Employees and volunteers will be selected on the basis of competence for their particular task(s) and any appropriate training will be provided for them.  Badminton Horse Trials will consult both employees and volunteers on any matter that might affect their health and safety.

Plant and equipment used during the preparation for and the duration of the event will be kept in safe condition and all users thereof must take responsibility for checking such condition.

Exhibitors, Contractors, Sub Contractors and Competitors must take particular note of the detailed requirements that apply to them.  In general:

are responsible for the safety of their own stands and the risks they may pose to people in them or nearby.

On arrival all exhibitors must report to the Event Office or Site Managers’ Office where they will be advised of any special Health & Safety arrangements that affect them.

Contractors & Sub Contractors are required to observe best working practices, to comply with all legislation relevant to their business and to take all reasonable and practical steps to safeguard all those present at the Trials. All Contractors must report to the Event Office before commencing work on site so that they can be advised how the Health & Safety arrangements will affect them.

Competitors must comply with the rules of the International and National governing bodies and with the local regulations of Badminton Horse Trials Ltd. There will be written briefs for all competitors.

The event organisers will comply with all such regulations and guidelines themselves, including recommendations for consultation with competitors.

Badminton Horse Trials has arranged for the duration of the event extensive emergency services including doctors, ambulances and veterinarians.  They have access to all parts of the site and can be quickly contacted by radio.

Badminton Horse Trials has arranged a comprehensive communications system for use during the event so that unsafe situations may be reported and so that avoidance or remedial action may be undertaken.

During the event, all unsafe situations must be reported to the Event Office, which acts as overall co-ordinator and will ensure that the appropriate person(s) are notified to take any action necessary.  Badminton Horse Trials has appointed a Safety Officer who has overall responsibility for safety issues, reporting directly to the Event Director.