Armada Dishes

5 Time Completions

Armada Dishes have been awarded to the following riders for completing the competition at Badminton five times. They have been presented since 1964. A special presentation was also made to Alan Willis, Cross Country Course Builder at Badminton, to recognise his 50th Badminton in 2016.

Year Presented Recipient
Presented in 2023 Joris Vanspringel (BEL), Laura Collett, Phillip Dutton (USA)
Presented in 2022 Ben Hobday, Oliver Townend, Christopher Burton (AUS
Presented in 2019 Jonelle Price (NZL), Michael Jung (GER), Sir Mark Todd (NZL), Gemma Tattersall, Harry Meade, Tom McEwen, Caroline Powell (NZL)
Presented in 2018 Sarah Bullimore, Tina Cook, Dan Jocelyn (NZL), Austin O’Connor (IRL), Tim Price (NZL), Beanie Sturgis, Jean Teulere (FRA), Oliver Townend (GBR)
Presented in 2017 Izzy Taylor (GBR), Blyth Tait (NZL), Bettina Hoy (GER), Joseph Murphy (IRL), Louise Harwood (GBR)
Presented in 2016 William Fox-Pitt (GBR), Andrew Nicholson (NZL), Nicola Wilson (GBR), Dag Albert (SWE), Mark Todd (NZL), Emily Llewellyn (GBR), Francis Whittington (GBR), Georgie Spence (GBR) - Plus Alan Willis - Cross Country Course Builder - celebrating his 50th Year.
Presented in 2015 Sam Griffiths (AUS), Paul Tapner (AUS), Pascal Leroy (FRA), Nick Gauntlett (GBR), Bil Levett (AUS)
Presented in 2014 Pippa Funnell, Michael Ryan (IRL)
Presented for 2012 Andreas Dibowski (GER), Mary King, Andrew Nicholson (NZL), Caroline Powell (NZL), Mark Todd (NZL) (Presented in 2013 due to cancelled event)
Presented in 2011 Ruth Edge, William Fox-Pitt, Matthew Wright
Presented in 2010 Jeannette Brakewell, Oliver Townend, Clayton Fredericks (AUS) Matt Ryan (AUS), Paul Tapner (AUS), Bruno Bouvier (FRA)
Presented in 2009 Vicky Brake, Sam Griffiths (AUS), Harry Meade, Joe Meyer (NZL), Lucy Wiegersma
Presented in 2008 Andrew Nicholson (NZL), Caroline Powell (NZL), Nicola Wilson, Rodolphe Scherer (FRA), Sarah Cohen
Presented in 2007 Miss Daisy Dick, Mr. William Fox-Pitt, Mr. Andrew Hoy (AUS), Mrs. Mary King, Mr. James Robinson, Mrs. Polly Stockton, Antoinette McKeowen
Presented in 2006 NIL
Presented in 2005 Mrs. Kristina Cook, Mr. Matt Ryan (AUS), Mr. Eric Smiley (IRL).
Presented in 2004 Miss Jeannette Brakewell, Mr. Leslie Law, Mr. Andrew Hoy (AUS), Mr. Andrew Nicholson (NZL).
Presented in 2003 Miss Katie Parker
Presented in 2002 Mr. Andrew Bennie (NZL), Mr. Andrew Nicholson (NZL), Mr. Tim Randle.
Presented in 2000 Mrs. Pippa Funnell, Mrs. Karen O’Connor (USA), Mr. Rodney Powell, Miss Carolyne Ryan-Bell.
Presented in 1999 Mr. Owen Moore, Miss Alexandra Morley, Mr. Gary Parsonage, Mr. Matt Ryan (AUS), Mr. Nigel Taylor, Mrs. Lucy Thompson (IRL), Mrs. Jancis Tulloch.
Presented in 1998 Mr. William Fox-Pitt, Miss Anna Hermann (SWE), Mr. Leslie Law, Mr. William Miflin, Mr. Andrew Nicholson (NZL), Mr.Ian Stark, Mr. Eddy Stibbe (NED.
Presented in 1997 Mrs. Charlotte Bathe, Miss Paddy Muir, Miss Lucinda Murray, Mr. Byth Tait (NZL), Mr. Mark Todd (NZL).
Presented in 1996 Mr. Bruce Davidson (USA), Miss Kristina Gifford, Mrs. Mary King, Miss Victoria Latta (NZL), Miss Erica Watson.
Presented in 1995 Mrs. Karen Dixon.
Presented in 1994 Mrs. Nicola Lewis.
Presented in 1993 Mrs. Helen Bell, Mr. Andrew Harris, Mr. Mark Todd (NZL)
Presented in 1992 Miss Sarah Cotton, Mr. David Green (AUS), Mr. Andrew Nicholson (NZL).
Presented in 1991 Miss Jemima Johnson, Mr. Ian Stark, Mrs. Charlotte Steel, Mr. Eddy Stibbe (NED), Miss Karen Straker, Miss Mary Thomson.
Presented in 1990 Mrs. Lorna Clarke, Mrs. Sue Benson, Mrs. Virginia Leng, Mr. Nigel Taylor.
Presented in 1989 Mrs. Lucinda Green, Miss Rachel Hunt, Mr. Rodney Powell, Mr. Ian Stark, Mrs. Angela Tucker.
Presented in 1988 Mr. Bruce Davidson (USA), Mrs. Miranda Lucey, Miss Polly Schwerdt, Mr. Mark Todd (NZL).
Presented in 1986 Miss Diana Clapham, Mrs. Lorna Clarke, Miss Clarissa Strachan
Presented in 1985 Miss Virgina Holgate.
Presented in 1984 Mr. Yogi Breisner (SWE), Mrs. Lucinda Green, Miss Fiona Moore, Mrs. Elizabeth Purbrick, Mr. Michael Tucker, Mr. John Tulloch.
Presented in 1983 Mr. Richard Meade, Miss Rachel Bayliss, Mrs. Janet Norton, Mr. Colin Wares
Presented in 1982 Mr. Vincent Jones, Miss Diana Clapham, Capt. Mark Phillips.
Presented in 1981 Miss Lucinda Prior-Palmer, Miss Jane Starkey.
Presented in 1980 HRH The Princess Anne, Mrs. Mark Phillips, Miss Sue Hatherly, Miss Clarissa Strachan.
Presented in 1978 Miss Lucinda Prior-Palmer, Mrs. Jane Holderness-Roddam
Presented in 1977 Mr. Richard Meade, Mrs. Marjorie Comerford
Presented in 1976 Miss Hazel Booth, Mr. Christopher Collins, Capt. Mark Phillips, Miss Debbie West.
Presented in 1974 Miss Mary Gordon-Watson, Miss Lorna Sutherland
Presented in 1973 Mr. Richard Walker, Mr. Michael Tucker, Mr. Bill Roycroft (AUS)
Presented in 1972 Mr. Richard Meade, Mrs. Barbara Hammond.
Presented in 1971 Miss Lorna Sutherland, Mr. E. Thompson.
Presented in 1970 Capt. Tim Ritson, Miss Celia Ross-Taylor
Presented in 1969 Major Derek Allhusen
Presented in 1967 Capt. The Hon. Patrick Conolly-Carew (IRL), Miss Jennifer Graham-Clark.
Presented in 1965 Capt. Jeremy Beale, Miss Virginia Freeman-Jackson (IRL), Miss Sheila Willcox, Miss Penny Moreton (IRL).
Presented in 1964 Capt. H. Freeman-Jackson (IRL), Capt. Ian Dudgeon (IRL), Col. Frank Weldon, Capt. Norman Arthur, Mr. Michael Bullen, Capt. Martin Whiteley, Miss Annelli Drummond-Hay, Mr. Ted Marsh, Mr. Douglas Nicholson, Mr. Brian Young.

See also, the complete list of riders who have completed Badminton; (riders a–e, riders f–j, riders k-p, riders q–z)