Contractor Introduction

To All Contractors/Providers of Services

Please follow instructions in the “Forms and Required Documents” box and complete & submit as required. NB: Some Forms/Documents may not be relevant to you.

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Form & Required Documents

  • Please complete Steps 1-7
  • Step 4: Contractor “All Risks” Hired Equipment Form – We assume you are covered for any loss or damage unless you notify us on this form.  Unless your equipment is on loan to us you are expected to arrange your own insurance unless previously agreed otherwise with Badminton Horse Trials.  We will not cover your equipment unless we receive this by 21st February 2024. Please note that our insurance will not in any case cover your equipment unless you report any loss or theft (within 14 days maximum to both our office and to the Police (and get a crime reference number).
  • Step 7:
    • Liability Insurance Certificate – to be supplied by all Contractors/Providers of Services
    • Risk Assessment – please supply a copy of your Risk Assessment in relation to work. NB: Applicable only to Companies with 5 or more employees
    • Safety Policy Statement – All Contractors/Providers of Services to supply a copy of their overall safety policy statement.

Getting to Badminton

As usual, please access Badminton Park prior to the start of the Event via Lambing Pen Gate (Contractors Entrance), which is almost opposite the airstrip between Badminton and Little Badminton. View Map

Site Rules and Regulations

Please read, observe and pass to the relevant people in your team. Contractor Site Rules and Regulations 2024

Thank you for your time in completing and submitting the form and documents. However, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or problems with submitting the information required – or Tel: 01454 218272.

Jane Tuckwell
Event Director