Director’s Blog – June 2022

Wednesday 7th - 11th May 2025

Director’s Blog – June 2022

The dust has now settled and there is time to reflect on Badminton 2022.

In many ways I still cannot believe it has all happened after a such a long wait, but we were more than rewarded with great competition and fantastic weather.  It was so wonderful to welcome everyone back to Badminton and I really believe the Park was smiling at seeing it all again.

Mars Equestrian, our presenting partner, and Lightsource bp, the official partner, were both incredibly supportive. I think there will be a lot of happy dogs not to mention their owners who visited the Mars Equestrian stand where the goodies were ever flowing. Lightsource bp took the opportunity to discuss with their visitors solar energy on farmland and how this diversity can still support livestock and beekeeping. We are, of course, also very grateful to all the other sponsors for their wonderful backing.

The Voltaire Design Grassroots was as good a competition as previously and there were many happy riders and connections.

It was so good to see the trade stand area buzzing throughout the week.

I am very well aware that mobile reception was not good, but Vodafone, after two months of correspondence, were adamant that they were not going to provide a mast. I re-opened the discussion immediately after the event and I am very pleased to say that Vodafone have listened to the discontent and inconvenience caused, apologised for same and have confirmed that their mast will be re-instated for 2023.  Thank you to all those that have contacted Vodafone.

Thank you to all those that supported the inaugural BadmintonTV, which overall was well received and gave greater coverage of the event than ever before.

My thoughts – and I know everyone else’s – are of course with Nicola Wilson in wishing her the best possible recovery.

The planning for the next year’s Badminton is already well underway! Please make sure the dates are in your diary: 3rd – 7th May, 2023.

My blog will recommence in October. In the meantime, have a great summer and successful events.

Thank you all again for your support which is hugely appreciated.