Director’s Blog – March 2022

Wednesday 7th - 11th May 2025

Director’s Blog – March 2022

Director’s blog, March, 2022

Arena Seating have arrived and the grandstands are being erected! This always makes me feel that the Event really is only just around the corner.

It has been a busy month and we have had both the medical and media meetings and I am grateful to both teams for making the trip to De Vere Tortworth, our official hotel.

The majority of cross-country fences are in situ and I am sure the Park has a smile on its face with all the activity that is now taking place.

The hut that is Site Manager Harry Verney’s base up in the Park is now in situ and the sight of the smoke coming out of the chimney is a welcoming sight for all those on these colder days. Harry is busy pegging out the tradestand area, etc.

Badminton TV livestream sales are on the up, as people realise that the subscription not only buys the livestreaming during the event, but also more than 75 hours of highlights and coverage of previous years.  Those who purchase prior to 31st March will benefit from the early bird price:

This week we have a traffic meeting and the final cornerstones of traffic management, including the fact that all tickets have to be purchased in advance with no ticket sales on the day/gate, will be put in place.

The veterinary team are also gathering this week for their annual meeting when they will be discussing the latest FEI veterinary rules and the steps that need to be followed to be in line with the EHV-1 biosecurity protocols.

The regular inhabitants of the Badminton stables are now starting their summer holiday and the stables are being spruced up and steam cleaned.  The competition horses arriving in May will benefit from being stabled on Bedmax, which is the first equine bedding company to become BETA NOPS accredited, which means it highly reduces the risk of contamination via the shavings bedding.

Entries are coming in thick and fast as we are near the closing date — the full list will be published by the end of the month.


Roll on May …