Exhibitors Introduction


As you will see there are three other boxes which contain the following:


  • Tradestand Numerical List 2024
  • Tradestand Regulations as at March 2024
  • Tradestand Contractors
  • Pre-Event Access
  • Tradestand Radios
  • Banking Facilities
  • Public Liability Insurance Note – Reminder
  • Powerline Electrical Requirements Form
  • Health & Safety Policy Statement 2024
  • KBIS Leaflet
  • Relish Catering Leaflet
  • Tradestand Fire Regulations

Site Plan

  • Plan of Tradestand Area

Getting To Badminton

  • Map and details showing route for Exhibitors and their contractors prior to and during the Event

NB:  All documents can be downloaded.

Please ensure the person who will be in charge of your stand is forwarded a copy of the Trade Stand Regulations together with any other relevant documents above.

You will receive these by post.  If nothing is received by 5th April, please notify us immediately.



All Exhibitors who have ordered a tradespan pavilion from us should note that this will not necessarily be completed until Monday 6th May.  Please contact us if you need to have it ready any earlier.

Please see “Documents” for Tradestand Contractors Note regarding the arrival and putting up of trade stand marquees or units.  If you are employing a contractor please see this brief is passed to the person concerned and also details of Pre-Event Access (also in “Documents”).


We are very aware that Windsor falling the weekend before Badminton rather than the one after makes the time tight for some exhibitors to be able to set up for he latter given the short amount of time between the two events. Badminton will give every assistance, should exhibitors need to arrive here either late on the Sunday (5th May) night or early on Monday (6th May).  Please advise us if you will be arriving during this time.


For the avoidance of doubt, please remember that no generators may be used in the Trade Stand area – book electricity direct with Powerline by 1st April if you need it.  See ‘Documents’ – Powerline Electrical Application Form (This closing date will be strictly adhered to).


Please note there will be skeleton (see Tradestand Regulations- Page 7 (Security)) day and night security on site (but we cannot accept any liability for any loss or damage to your unit).


We encourage you to use this method on your socials, etc. to inform visitors where you are sited in the tradestand area.

SATURDAY A.M. (11th May)

Traffic in and out of Badminton Village and the surrounding area is very heavy from early morning.
Therefore, if you have to leave the site early Saturday morning please remember there is a one-way traffic system in place and it is likely to take you longer than usual to re-enter on your return.

Please note, with regard to the ▲ Tradestand Camping pass: If vehicle leaves the Event grounds between Wednesday 8th and Sunday 12th May – re-entry is prohibited.  Please noteAll Exhibitors must wear Tradestand wristlet when driving/walking in and out of Tradestand Camping Area.

Wireless Solutions are again our Wi-fi provider for 2024.  Details were sent under separate email dated 13th March 2024. NB. Please make sure your equipment is compatible with the Wireless Solutions connection.

DANCO TENTAGE / FURNITURE If you need any further items, e.g. furniture, screens, etc. please get in touch with the Badminton Horse Trials Office before 1st April (a 15% surcharge applies).  No reservations to go via Danco direct.  During the event additional furniture might be available but flooring, screening, etc. will not be able to be supplied.


Charlie Barker will be available to do small amounts of photocopying (at the Event Organiser’s Office).

  These items will be available via the Village Shop and also Caravan Hire Ltd. who will have a compound in the Public Camping Site (in the village).  The compound will be open during the following times only:

Wednesday 8th – Saturday 11th May:                7 a.m. – 10 a.m. & 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Alternatively if you wish to place an order for gas please telephone Darren Oliver on his mobile: 07960 403519                                                                                                                                         

It is compulsory to have one on your tradestand.  If you need to hire extinguisher(s), please contact A&E Fire on Also please ensure you abide by the “Tradestand Fire Regulations” – see “Documents”.


There are 2 locations reserved for you – they will be fenced off and kept open all day.  Access will be with a Tradestand ID Wristlet.  They are deliberately not marked on the Site Plan, so ask a Site Manager for directions!


The Pig & Whistle pub is situated adjacent to the Big Screen and will be open as usual Wednesday 8th – Sunday 12th May – 11am – 6pm.  It will also be open on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings 6pm – 11pm, principally for exhibitors. Several of the mobile caterers in this area are open for breakfast every day.  Details of the Lakeside Bar which will also be open every evening can be found at:

Our aim for 2024 is to continue to drive sustainability and we will be looking to exhibitors to please support this cause.  It is intended to sell water in cans and to encourage people to bring their own water bottles.  Water fountains will be provided. We would also ask exhibitors to move away from plastic shopping bags as this will also be a requirement within the next few years.  (See Tradestand Regulations – Page 8).

The use of cable ties should be restricted to a minimum.  (Any used, broken cable ties must be carefully removed during breakdown of site).

Here is how you can also help us:

1.         Bring your refillable water bottles (and bowls for thirsty dogs!) and top up using our free water          stations around the event.

2.        Remember to bring your own reusable shopping bags.


Please note those hiring these scooters have been advised that they are not allowed to drive them within a tradestand.


There will again be a competition for the Best Presented Tradestand – in 3 categories – Large (9m frontage or more), Small (6m or less) and Multiple Marquee (i.e. for exhibitors inside Country Living, Rural Crafts, World of the Horse, Heart of England Pavilion, The World of Food & Drink).

In each category there will be 3 prizes, generously sponsored by Wadworth & Co. Ltd.

Judging will take place on the Thursday.

While the incidence of crime here is low, it does happen!  Please be vigilant, especially when setting up, opening up, etc. – if you leave your stock vehicle open, something will disappear!  Any loss or theft of goods or equipment must be reported immediately both to the Organisers Office and to the Police, and a Crime Reference No. obtained from the latter.
The Onsite Security Company WH Security can be contacted on:

Duty Phone Number: 07398 9682689 and in an Emergency on 07407 000999


The site will be closed at night between the hours of 11.30 p.m. and 6.00 a.m.  In an emergency, the only access in/out of the site will be via “Lambing Pen Gate” (see “map” within “Getting to Badminton”). Kennels Lodge Gates will be locked.


Our Site Manager is HARRY VERNEY, assisted by Roddy Macgregor, Randall Cowell, Dan Poole, Wayne Rowlands and Fraser Bush.  Paul Hooper will be our Tradestand Steward whilst the Event is on.  Paul will deliver a free programme to your stand, probably on the Wednesday. They are here to help you and can be contacted via the Event Organiser’s Office (where we also are ready to assist whenever possible).

We look forward to seeing you in May.

Mrs. Jane Tuckwell   

Event Director


March 2024