First Horse Inspection 2015

No. Horse Rider Status
95 OLOA Mark Todd (NZL) Passed
92 HAPPY TIMES Sam Griffiths (AUS) Passed
91 SECOND SUPREME Pippa Funnell (GBR) Passed
90 RUTHERGLEN Andrew Hoy (AUS) Passed
89 BOLEYBAWN ACE Andrew Heffernan (NED) Passed
87 HASTY IMP Francis Whittington (GBR) Passed
85 BELTANE QUEEN Nicola Wilson (GBR) Passed
84 CLIFTON LUSH Jonathan Paget (NZL) Passed
83 CHILLI MORNING William Fox-Pitt (GBR) Passed
82 CALICO JOE Andrew Nicholson (NZL) Passed
81 INDIAN MILL Paul Tapner (AUS) Passed
80 THE DEPUTY Jonelle Price (NZL) Passed
79 EL GRADO Nick Gauntlett (GBR) Passed
78 ELECTRIC CRUISE Joseph Murphy (IRL) Passed
77 REVE DU ROUET Sarah Bullimore (GBR) Passed
76 HORSEWARE BUSHMAN Sam Watson (IRL) Passed
75 GALLEY LIGHT Ben Way (GBR) Passed
74 RINGWOOD SKY BOY Tim Price (NZL) Passed
73 ARMADA Oliver Townend (GBR) Passed
72 TUBBER REBEL Dag Albert (SWE) Passed
71 WILLY DO Lucy Jackson (NZL) Passed
69 COOLYS LUXURY Tom Crisp (GBR) Passed
67 GREENLAWN SKY HIGH Emily Llewellyn (GBR) Passed
65 MINOS DE PETRA Pascal Leroy (FRA) Passed
64 ONWARDS AND UPWARDS Caroline Powell (NZL) Passed
63 HORSEWARE HALE BOB Ingrid Klimke (GER) Passed
62 FINBURY HILL Hannah Bate (GBR) Passed
61 ARCTIC SOUL Gemma Tattersall (GBR) Passed
60 SLIGO LUCKYVALIER Gary Parsonage (GBR) Passed
59 SHANNONDALE TITAN Bill Levett (AUS) Passed
58 THE LION Matthew Heath (GBR) FAILED
57 DESIGNER 10 Bettina Hoy (GER) Passed
56 LANDINE Rose Carnegie (GBR) Passed
54 ASIH Alexander Peternell (RSA) Passed
52 KEYFLOW N.O.P. Tim Lips (NED) Passed
51 LETS DANCE Jeanette Brakewell (GBR) Passed
50 SEPTEMBER BLISS Elizabeth Power (IRL) Passed
49 ABSOLUT OPPOSITION Nana Dalton (GBR) Passed
48 VAGUELY NORTH Aoife Clark (IRL) Passed
47 DE NOVO NEWS Kristina Cook (GBR) Passed
46 NADEVILLE MERZE Nicolas Wettstein (ECU) Passed
45 SKIP ON Sarah Stretton (GBR) Passed
44 GRASS VALLEY Gabriel Silva Cury (BRA) Passed
43 MR POTTS Louise Harwood (GBR) Passed
42 STILO KONTIKA Giovanni Ugolotti (ITA) Passed
41 WII LIMBO Georgie Spence (GBR) Passed
40 MULRYS ERROR Ben Hobday (GBR) Passed
38 COOL DANCER Olivia Wilmot (GBR) Passed
37 AMAZING VIII Flora Harris (GBR) Passed
35 GRAND MANOEUVRE Laura Collett (GBR) Passed
34 PORTERSIZE JUST A JIFF Camilla Speirs (IRL) Passed
33 THE HIGHLAND PRINCE Michael Owen (GBR) Passed
32 TOM TOM GO 3 Niklas Bschorer (GER) Passed
31 KINGS TEMPTRESS Mary King (GBR) Passed
30 CHEQUERS PLAYBOY Dee Hankey (GBR) Passed
29 LEBOWSKI Beanie Sturgis (GBR) Passed
28 KING EIDER Louisa Milne Home (GBR) Passed
27 WIE DONNA’S NEIIUEWMOED Laurence Hunt (GBR) Passed
26 JUST IRONIC Craig Nicolai (NZL) Passed
25 RUMOUR HAS IT Merel Blom (NED) Passed
24 LORD OF THE OWLS Julie Tew (GBR) Passed
23 BALLYFARRIS FLIGHT Louisa Lockwood (GBR) Passed
22 TS JAMAIMO Christopher Burton (AUS) Passed
21 OUT OF AFRICA TWO Charlotte Agnew (GBR) Passed
20 EURO PRINCE Clare Abbott (IRL) Passed
19 XAM Harry Dzenis (GBR) Passed
18 LANFRANCO Andrew Hoy (AUS) Passed
16 FERNHILL HIGHLIGHT Francis Whittington (GBR) Passed
15 NEREO Andrew Nicholson (NZL) Passed
14 LEONIDAS II Mark Todd (NZL) Passed
13 MILLTHYME COROLLA Andrew Heffernan (NED) Passed
12 GLENGARNOCK Paul Sims (GBR) Passed
11 CLASSIC MOET Jonelle Price (NZL) Passed
10 PAULANK BROCKAGH Sam Griffiths (AUS) Passed
9 REDESIGNED Pippa Funnell (GBR) Passed
6 CLIFTON PROMISE Jonathan Paget (NZL) Passed
4 SPORTSFIELD OTHELLO Joseph Murphy (IRL) Passed
2 ONE TWO MANY Nicola Wilson (GBR) Passed
1 KILRONAN Paul Tapner (AUS) Passed

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