Livestream Troubleshooting

Badminton 2019

The Badminton live stream is provided through Live Stream Vimeo, a very established provider whose video player should be compatible with the majority of devices.

Viewing on the Badminton website

If you are in the correct territory and are still experiencing streaming problems please:

  • Watch in Chrome as a preferred browser
  • Ensure your Flash player is up to date
  • Go through the video playback issues checklist on the Vimeo website
  • Go through the player error messages checklist on the Vimeo website

Due to rights restrictions the Badminton Livestream is not available to UK viewers for the Saturday Cross Country and Sunday afternoon showjumping sessions. UK viewers can instead watch these sessions on the BBC via Red Button or on the BBC website.

Still experiencing problems?

Please email including as many details about the fault as you can and we will endeavour to help where possible. Including details such as the device, browser and error message (where relevant) with screen grabs of the problem will help us to locate any issues and address them if there is an issue with our service.

Still experiencing problems?

A Watch Again service will also be available on our website for each session.

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