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Christmas Gift Vouchers

Make Christmas shopping easy and give your family and friends something that they really want! Badminton Gift Vouchers are available from our Box Office and can be sent out ready in time for Christmas.  The voucher can be redeemed when the Box Office opens at the beginning of January and no payment will be taken from your card until the Voucher is returned in January.

For more details, Tel: + 44 1454 218375, or  email:


Official Badminton Merchandise and products are now available through our online store.

We also have other items that can be purchased through our premium partners:

Joules for a great collection of Badminton clothing.

Equestrian Vision are selling The Little Book of Badminton and the 2013 DVD. To save 10%, use discount code: BADMEM1113

Digital Downloads Via HorseHub App