Tradestand Policy

Trade Stand Policy 2025

  1. The area available for Tradestands will be maintained and not expanded.
  2. Without the prior written consent of the Organisers, Stand Holders may not sell or display at the event or via Badminton Horse Trials Website / Social Media, any article / item Badminton Horse Trials stipulates, nor any article / item that Badminton Horse Trials considers to be directly competitive with any Official Sponsors / Partners, etc. stipulated by Badminton Horse Trials. On application you will be advised if the items you wish to sell / exhibit conflict in any way.
  3. Brands that do not normally sell direct to the public may not do so at Badminton. Such brands may apply for a “Display Only” stand.
  4. No exhibitor may sub-let or share occupation of the whole or any part of the space allotted to any other exhibitor, manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer.
  5. A wide mix of trades will be encouraged, which means that the number of exhibitors in similar businesses will be limited.
  6. When any space becomes available, preference will be given to stands that offer an extension of the range of goods on sale or exhibition and that are professionally and attractively set up.
  7. All retailers are required to exhibit a reasonably full selection of any brands that they stock in the normal course of their business at fixed premises or online. Items that are not part of their standard stock etc., will not be allowed.
  8. Length of time on the “waiting list” is not the major factor in allocating space, though it may be taken into account.
  9. If an applicant already occupies a site within one of the multi stands (e.g., Rural Crafts Association, Heart of England, World of the Horse, Country Living etc.) this would have to be relinquished if allocated an individual site by Badminton Horse Trials, i.e. no exhibitor may occupy more than one site of any kind.
  10. Every effort will be made to maintain and enhance the image of Badminton as a place where high quality goods and services are provided.
  11. Rent for space may increase annually and will reflect Badminton Horse Trials overheads (i.e., contractors’ costs) and demand.
  12. Existing stands will be assessed on these criteria, so that not all existing exhibitors will necessarily be invited in the future.
  13. Exhibitors wishing to sell food and / or drink will not normally be allocated an individual site. If you require further details, please see Food & Drink Applications.


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May 2024