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Sarah Ennis

  • 22 - BLM Diamond Delux


Irish rider Sarah Ennis (42) is a professional rider based in Dunboyne, Co. Meath where she runs Stellor Sport Horses and livery yard. Last year she completed her third Badminton (twice with Sugar Brown Babe and last year with BLM Diamond Delux) – Badminton entry Horseware Stellor Rebound completed Pau.

With Sugar Brown Babe she was a member of the Irish team for the2014 WEG and the 2013 European Championships in Malmo.

Sarah and her four sisters all rode as children – four of them now compete and her sister Nicola has competed in world Cup – influenced by their mother, a keen rider. Her first memory is of riding her sister’s Shetland pony Christopher. She progressed through the Ward Union and Howth Pony Clubs and the Irish Pony Society. She competed in pure dressage and at the age of 15 was awarded her first Bronze Saddle. Aged 18 she began eventing and in 1996 was selected for the European Young Rider Squad.

In 2012 she won the three-star at Ballindenisk with BLM Diamond Delux and at the end of a successful year was the highest ranked Irish rider in the HSBC word rankings.

Sarah who trains with Ian Fearron and Ian Woodhead (dressage) is also a keen sailor and diver and is qualified to Dive Master level.

She is married to Niki Potterton and the couple has a son James (7).


Horseware Stellor Rebound owned by Horseware Products Ltd, Niki Potterton & Orla Ennis, is a 13-year-old Irish Sport Horse gelding. Bred by Rhona Barnwall, he is by VDL Ricochet a son of the Jumping sire Ahorn (sire of Badminton entry Glengarnock)/. He was bought by Sarah as a four-year-old and is described as ‘Rocket by name and rocket by nature’. Last year Rocket completed his first four-star at Pau.


BLM Diamond Delux

ISH, Ireland, 2003
16.3hh , bay , gelding

Sire Olympic Lux

Dam BM Diamond (Young Convinced)

Breeder Mrs. Kate Murphy

Owner(s): Rider

Notable Results

2016 – Pau CCI4* 20th Horseware Stellor Rebound

2016 – Ballindenisk CIC3* 3rd BLM Diamond Delux

2016 – Blenheim CIC3* 9th Horseware Stellor Rebound

2016 – Millstreet CIC3* 2nd Horseware Stellor Rebound, 23rd BLM Diamond Delux

2016 – Aachen CICO3* 20th BLM Diamond Delux

2016 – Mallow CIC3* 4th BLM Diamond Delux

2016 – Chatsworth CIC3* 8th Horseware Stellor Rebound

2016 – Fontainebleau CICO3* 48th BLM Diamond Delux

2015 – Millstreet CIC3* 5th BLM Diamond Delux

2015 – Cappoquin CIC3* 4th BLM Diamond Delux

2015 – Bramham CCI3* 4th Horseware Stellor Rebound

2015 – Ballindenisk CICO3* 2nd Horseware Stellor Rebound, 17th BLM Diamond Delux

2015 – Burgham CIC3* 2nd Stellor Rebound, 10th BLM Diamond Delux

2014 – Caen WEG 51st Stellor Rebound

2014 – Tattersalls CCI3* 3rd Stellor Rebound

2014 – Chatsworth CIC3* 1st Horseware Stellor Rebound

2013 – Boekelo CCIO3* 14th Stellor Rebound

2013 – Blenheim CIC3* 12th Stellor Rebound

2013 – Malmo CH-EU-3* 39th Sugar Brown Babe

2013 – Tattersalls CCI3* 4th BLM Diamond Delux

2012 – Ballindenisk CCI3* 1st BLM Diamond Delux

2012 – Blenheim CIC3* 15th BLM Diamond Delux

2012 – Cappoquin CIC3* 2nd BLM Diamond Delux, 20th Stellar Rebound

2011 – Tattersalls CCI3* 14th Sugar Brown Babe


2016 – 34th BLM Diamond Delux

2014 – El Sugar Brown Babe

2013 – 38th Sugar Brown Babe