Shane Rose

Wednesday 7th - 11th May 2025

Shane Rose

  • 20 - Shanghai Joe


It will be a first Badminton for Australian Olympian Shane Rose (43), a member of the bronze medal team at the Olympic Games in Rio. He was also a member of the team for the 2014 WEG in France.

Shane who is one of Australia’s best known and successful riders has however previously competed at Burghley on several occasions; last year he was 16th (Virgil). In 2015 he was first and second at the Adelaide four-star (CP Qualified, Virgil).

Shane is based in Werombi New South Wales where he runs Bimbadeen Horses. On his first visit to Burghley in 2006 he was third with All Luck with who he won an Olympic team silver medal in 2008. He is the three-times winner of the Anna Savage medal for the ‘best and fairest’ Australian eventing rider

The youngest of four children, he started riding aged two and rode at Pony Club from the age of five until gaining his A certificate. He began competing after he left school at 18. He was also a rugby Junior and initially was unsure which sport to pursue. After spending six months in the UK he decided to stick with horses. Trained by the legendary Wayne Roycroft, he made his international debut in 1994. He was selected for the 1996 Olympic Games but was unable to compete when his horse went lame just prior to the event and also missed the 2012 Olympic Games after his horse (Taurus) sustained a shoulder injury at the start of the competition.

In 2005 he was kicked in the face and sustained multiple facial fractures. He underwent a number of operations including facial reconstruction and ended up with eight plates inserted in his face to help the bones heal. Shane has also recovered from thyroid cancer and 18months ago a kick that resulted in cracked ribs, a split liver, a punctured lung and a superbug infection.

Shane is married to Niki and the couple has a five-year-old daughter Olivia and a son, Harry. He currently trains with British dressage team rider Gareth Hughes and Rod Brown.

He enjoys playing golf and watching sport.

Shanghai Joe (aka Nugget) owned by Niki Rose, Lee & Bill Brydon and rider, is an 11-year-old Australian thoroughbred. He is by Another Warrior out of a mare by Arena and was bred to race but was deemed too slow to go into training and began his career as an eventer. In 2014 he won the Melbourne CCI3*. Last year he started at Burghley but was eliminated xc after a fall.



Shanghai Joe

TB, Australia, 2006
16.1hh , bay , gelding

Sire Another Warrior

Dam Zenaarena (Arena)

Breeder Mr Shane Rose

Owner(s): William & Lee Brydon, c/o Gillingham, Dorset.
Niki Rose, c/o Gillingham, Dorset.
& Rider

Notable Results


2016 – Adelaide CCI4* 9th Glenorchy South Park

2016 – Blenheim CIC3* El CP Qualified

2016 – Burghley CCI4* 16th Virgil, Ret Shanghai Joe

2016 – Rio OG El CP Qualified

2016 – Aachen CICO3* 2nd CP Qualified

2016 – Melbourne CCI3* 7th Shanghai Joe

2016 – Melbourne CIC3* 1st CP Qualified

2016 – Sydney CCI3* 4th Shanghai Joe

2016 – Sydney CIC3* 1st Virgil, 2nd CP Qualified

2016 – Albury CIC3* 1st Shanghai Joe

2015 – Adelaide CCI4* 1st CP Qualified, 2nd Virgil

2015 – Canberra CIC3*  1st Virgil, 2nd Another Biscuit

2015 – Taupo CCI3* 1st CP Qualified

2015 – Camden CIC3* 1st Virgil

2014 – Burghley CCi4* El CP Qualified

2014 – Caen WEG 35th Taurus

2014 – Sydney CCI3* 1st CP Qualified, 3rd Taurus

2014 – Melbourne CCI3* 1st Shanghai Joe

2013 – Adelaide CCI4* 4th Taurus, 7th CP Qualified

2013 – Goulburn CIC3* 1st CP Qualified

2013 – Camden NSW CIC3* 1st CP Qualified

2013 – Melbourne CCI3* 13th CP Qualified

2013 – Sydney CCI2* 1st CP Qualified

2008 – Beijing OG 27th All Luck, team silver

2006 – Burghley CCI4* 3rd All Luck

2006 – Aachen WEG Ret All Luck

2004 – Adelaide CCI4* 1st Beauford Miss Dior

1998 – Rome WEG Ret It’s a Knockout