Trophies 2014

Trophy Awarded to:

Mitsubishi Motors Trophy

Owner of Winner

 Dinah Posford; Jules Carter & Rider

Butler Bowl

Best British Rider

 Oliver Townend

Silver Jubilee Plate

Best Owner/Rider

 Pascal Leroy
(Minos de Petra owned by Laurie Leroy & Rider)

Laurence Rook Trophy

Best British Rider not previously competed Badminton

 Paul Sims

Glentrool Trophy

Horse & Rider who have made greatest improvement on their dressage placing

 Merel Blom

Frank Weldon Memorial Trophy

Rider of youngest British owned and ridden horse in the top 12

 Pippa Funnell
(Billy Beware, owned by Jonathan & Jane Clarke)

Cotswold Life Trophy

To the best British rider, not entitled to wear the adult Union Jack and whose permanent address is; Glos, Wilts, Oxon, Worcs, Hereford or Somerset:

 Harry Meade

Farriers Prize

Owner and Farrier of Best Shod Horse

Euro Prince
Owner: Cormac McKay
Farrier: Neil Dickson (N. Ireland)

Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain

Owner of the best horse sired by a SHB (GB) graded Stallion or Premium Stallion, provided it is in the top 12

 Frederick & Penny Barker, Paul Tapner Owners of Kilronan (Sire: Ghareeb)

Mark Holliday Memorial Trophy

Groom of winner

 Imogen Mercer
(Groom of Paulank Brockagh)
A special prize of embryo transfer courtesy of the Beaufort Embryo Transfer Centre, to the owner of the highest placed British horse  Dinah Posford, Jules Carter & Sam Griffiths
(owners of Paulank Brockagh)

Stud Voucher (£500)

Owner of highest placed British owned mare

 Dinah Posford, Jules Carter & Sam Griffiths
(owners of Paulank Brockagh)

Breeder of Winner

 Paula Cullen – Ireland

Armada Dishes

 Pippa Funnell, Micheal Ryan
 The William Miflin Memorial Trophy – to the rider of the horse with no cross country jumping penalties and closest to the optimum time.  Tim Price (Ringwood Sky Boy)