1969 Commemorative Quiz


  1. Which famous show jumper competed?
    Caroline Bradley
  2. Who fell off at fence 5
    Sheila Wilcox
  3. Which Australian came 3rd in the competition?
    Bill Roycroft
  4. Which siblings competed in this year?
    Angela and Tessa Martin-Bird
  5. What was the spread of the Sleeper Stack?
    5ft 11 inch or 1.8m
  6. Which 2018 fence is reminiscent of the Elephant Trap?
    The Devoucoux Quad Bar
  7. Who took a tumble at the Lake?
    Lorna Clarke and Sue Browne
  8. What is a Ha Ha?
    A sunken stone wall/ditch, popular in stately homes. It formed a barrier to livestock while giving uninterrupted views
  9. What pace is Phase A ridden at?
    240 meters  per minute or 262 yards per minute
  10. Who drew the pictures?
    Caroline Bromley Gardner – as she still does today

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