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Please note, we recommend you set up your subscription on the web and then login to the apps. This will save you time and money. You will be charged £24.99 if you sign up for Badminton TV using an app, not £19.99. You can sign up for the service using the website then once signed up you can download the app you require and use your subscription credentials (user name and password) to sign in and watch.


Who makes Badminton TV?
As ever, our livestream footage is owned and produced by Badminton, with the best commentators and production team in the business all working hard to bring the event to life for everyone watching at home.

What is streamed on Badminton TV?
In addition to all three phases of the competition (dressage on Thursday and Friday), cross country (Saturday) and show jumping (Sunday) we also record the following sessions:
– First Horse Inspection (Wednesday)
– Interviews with top three riders at the end of each day
– Special features
– Final Horse Inspection
– Full Prize Giving Ceremony.
Our provisional streaming timetable will be available finalised one week prior to the event.

The BE90 and BE100 Championships that takes place at Badminton on the Tuesday and Wednesday will not be recorded and streamed but rounds will be available to purchase from Equireel.

The Young Event Horse Classes will not be recorded and streamed.

I only want to watch certain riders – can I do that?
Once each livestreaming session has taken place during the event, you will also be able to re-play each session soon after, so you can catch up if you can’t watch live, or just want to watch your favourite competitor splash through the lake on cross country day again and again!.

How much is it?
The 2024 subscription is priced £19.99. This subscription is for 365 days from your initial subscription.

Having problems subscribing? 

To sign up you will need to set up an account by entering your email address and your chosen password. see “How do I sign up and subscribe?” above. If you continue to have issues please email –

Once I have paid how long can I keep going back to watch clips again?
From the moment you create and pay for your subscription, you will be able to come back your favourite moments from the whole event again and again for 356 days or until the following year’s event has begun.

Where is it available?
Badminton TV is an Internet TV channel. The live as well as watch-again streamed programmes from the whole event will be hosted by the Vimeo platform which is utilized to stream many world renowned pay-per-view programmes and events. To watch anything on our channel, you will need to create an account to login and then pay to view. See How to Watch link.

Who can watch Badminton TV?
Anyone anywhere in the world who has created an account and paid for a current subscription! You do however have to be aged 16 or above to create an account of your own.

Can I still watch Badminton coverage from the BBC (UK Viewers only)
Badminton TV will show the live action during each phase of Badminton Horse Trials except for the top 10 show jumping which will be broadcast (free to air) on BBC 2 and the BBC website iPlayer for viewers in the UK. International subscribers will be able to watch the top 10 live on Badminton TV. Full coverage of the event will be available on Badminton TV from 2200 on the Monday following the event

Can I download videos or save favourites?
No unfortunately you cannot download programmes but you can save favourites.

What will happen to my payment details/data?
Please follow this link  to find the Terms and conditions of your subscription including information regarding cancelling your subscription, the auto-renew process and updating your details etc.

Why is the live coverage no longer on BBC Red Button?

Badminton Horse Trials is solely responsible & pays for the production of the programme, which in turn the BBC contribute towards. The production for Badminton TV Livestream is the same as it has been for the BBC Red Button; over the past two years, we have been working very closely with the BBC to ensure we continue to broadcast Badminton coverage on terrestrial TV as we understand the importance of this to both our viewers and sponsors alike. The sad reality is that the gap between rising broadcast production costs (paid for by Badminton Horse Trials) and the reducing contribution paid by the BBC to cover these costs has become so vast, that if we  do not now put the live coverage (apart from top 10 show jumping) behind a pay wall it would also make broadcasting anything on the BBC unviable.