Badminton Vox Pops

Wednesday 7th - 11th May 2025

Badminton Vox Pops

“We’re so excited that Mary King’s here and can’t wait to watch her.”

Jess:”This is the first time we have come to the event, but I got my driving licence last year so we could finally get ourselves here! We have been camping here since Thursday and are loving it. I want to see William Fox-Pitt win this year, but Abi wants Sam Griffiths to win again!”

Jess and Abi from Dorset (and a rather reluctant supporter boyfriend who drove up from Yeovil this morning as he missed Abi).

Gerry: “When I said I was coming over for May we knew we had to make a trip to Badminton as we love the event, here and Burghley are so special, we love this sport.” Roy said he is primarily here for the bacon sandwiches.

Hawley Bennett’s Auntie Chris & Uncle Roy, and  Hawley’s mum Gerry who lives in Vancouver, drove down from Oldham for Badminton. They first came here to support Hawley when she competed in 2007, and again in 2011. All three want to see Andrew Nicholson win.

Hellie: “We have come here for cross country day as it’s the most exciting part of the sport. We are here nice and early as we wanted to get some shopping in before the crowds get here. We started at the Badminton Collection stand of course!”

Hellie and Amy have up from Totnes to support their favourite riders – Mary King and William Fox-Pitt. They are pictured with Colin the Jack Russell.

“We’re so excited that Mary King’s here and can’t wait to watch her.”

Friends Gill and Karen from Ely, were spotted leaving the Rural Crafts tent with a bagful of goodies. This is Gill’s first visit to Badminton, while Karen has been here before, but “a long, long time ago”. They are going to be supporting all the British riders.

“Izzy Taylor, Francis Whittington, Flora Harris, and all the first-timers, especially Rose Carnegie because she’s local,” said Alice, who lives in Sussex. Jon, a primary teacher and amateur eventer, lives locally in Shipton Moyne. “He’s a very convenient friend to have,” said Alice.

Alice Cooke and her friend, Jon Souch, reeled off a long list of riders that they would like to see do well.

“Then we’re off to walk the course,” said Lily. And who will they be supporting? “William Fox-Pitt!”

We bumped into a gaggle of schoolgirls from Stonar School in Wiltshire, who had travelled to Badminton for the day. Lily, Georgia, Taffy and Bella had hit the tradestands early to get in some all-important shopping.

Anne: “We came yesterday in the caravan and have been doing so every year for 15 years or more. We love the diversity of the event, there’s something here for everyone. We really love to watch the jumping phases, especially the cross country, but we always look forward to the show jumping. It isn’t over till the last pole has been jumped and that’s what’s so exciting.” Trevor: “We aren’t horsey ourselves but our now grown up daughters were. We have really enjoyed the shopping – mostly the food courts, and today I’ve been looking at automatic lawnmowers. The dogs love walking around here with us, they get a lot of attention from everyone,  then we let then off for a big run around in the evenings, they love it here.”

Anne & Trevor, from South Wales, are pictured here with their dogs Bentley & Alfie. They are big Bettina Hoy fans.

“I have been coming here and spending three days with my friends who farm nearby every year for at least 25 years. I have brought my two foster children with me today, they have never been before and are really enjoying it. They especially seem to love seeing the riders fall off in the water! We have had a lovely time shopping for all sorts, loom bands, hand bags and wellies. I competed all my life; I am too old now but I was seriously horsey, competing a lot in dressage and showjumping. I love the camaraderie of the riders here and am always impressed by how professional they all are. These kids are learning a bit about horses just being here which is great.”

Debbie comes from Devon