Facts and Stats 2016

Cross Country Course
Speed: Since 2010, 12.6% of combinations have made the optimum time around Badminton’s cross country course. 60% of competitors either exceed the time by at least 30 seconds, adding 12 penalties or more to their total, or fail to complete the course.

Sub 50 Start: On average, 42% of horses at Badminton will score below 50 penalties in the dressage. Only two competitors in recent years have managed to finish in the top five with a dressage score higher than 50 – Wild Lone (2014) and Lenamore (2010).

Perfect 6: Three horses have contested 6 four stars in 6 years and successfully completed all 6! 2014 Badminton Champion Paulank Brockagh (Sam Griffiths), the popular Mr Potts (Louise Harwood) and the grandslam seeking La Biosthetique Sam (Michael Jung)

Experienced: Pathfinder Armada (Oliver Townend) has contested 12 four star events in the past 6 years. He completed 11 of these, making him the most experienced horse in the field at this level. Minos De Petra (Pascal Leroy) has also contested 12 four stars, but his 8 completions rank him 2nd in this year’s field.

Top 5s: Seven horses lining up this year have one previous top five finish at Badminton under their belt. Can any of them make it two? Clifton Lush, Designer 10, Armada, Minos De Petra, Paulank Brockagh, La Biosthetique Sam and Leonidas II

30s Club: 2013 winner Clifton Lush (39.7) and 2015 winner Chilli Morning (39.0) are the only two horses to finish Badminton with a score in the 30s. Could we see a record finishing score in 2016?

Gender Bias? In the past five runnings of Badminton, 201 male riders have lined up compared with 212 female riders. However, male riders have a completion rate of 67%, while the same figure for female riders is 59%.



Thank you to the EquiRatings Team for providing this key information