Wednesday 5th May
Sunday 9th May, 2021

Guest Blog: Aoife Clark and Jimmy are clear across country

I'm over the moon with how Jimmy tackled the course yesterday...

I’m over the moon with how Jimmy tackled the course yesterday. We got into a lovely rhythm from the start and everything just seemed to flow. I deliberately didn’t want to get concerned about minute markers, but just set out in a positive way to get him confident and meeting the fences well. He came back with 4.8 time faults but recovered so fast, and I hope I have left enough in the tank for today.

Jimmy was incredible through the lake, and the only slight sticky moment was when we wavered slightly off the line through the Mirage Pond and he was brilliant to jump the final element so honestly. He is an incredibly genuine horse and tries his heart out. The ground was beautiful to ride on – so much so that although he had lost a shoe after the first water, it was not obvious until I made the turn at the white Garden Gates coming towards home and I felt him slip slightly, so I decided to go long at the silver birches in the woods so as not to risk another slip to the final jump. He seems very happy in himself though and has recovered brilliantly.

I have to admit that I was quite emotional finishing, as the last time we were here in 2011 he went clear inside the time but struck into himself and ended up with a career threatening injury. To bring him back to top level has taken a lot of time and patience from so many people, especially the girls at home, but I am really thrilled for his owner, Henrietta, who has been unwavering in her support and faith in him, and me, over the years. Whatever happens today I am unbelievably proud of him!