Final Inspection 2019

Passed Emma Hyslop-Webb 109 PENNLANDS DOUGLAS
Passed Christopher Burton 108 COOLEY LANDS
Passed William Fox-Pitt 103 ORATORIO
Passed Kristina Cook 101 BILLY THE RED
Passed Tom Crisp 100 LIBERTY AND GLORY
Passed Oliver Townend 97 BALLAGHMOR CLASS
Passed Tim Price 94 RINGWOOD SKY BOY
Passed Tom Rowland 93 POSSIBLE MISSION
Passed Savannah Fulton 91 CAPTAIN JACK
Passed Michael Owen 90 BRADELEY LAW
Passed Nicholas Lucey 89 PROUD COURAGE
Passed Ellen Cameron 87 HANLEEN CROWN JEWELS
Passed Toshiyuki Tanaka 85 KELECYN PIRATE
Passed Kai Rueder 84 COLANI SUNRISE
Passed James Sommerville 83 TALENT
Passed Sebastien Cavaillon 82 SARAH D'ARGOUGES
Passed Isabel English 81 FELDALE MOUSE
Passed Harry Mutch 79 HD BRONZE
Passed Wills Oakden 78 COOLEY RAMIRO
Passed Imogen Murray 75 IVAR GOODEN
Passed Louise Harwood 74 BALLADEER MILLER MAN
Passed Emily Philp 73 CAMEMBERT
Passed Arianna Schivo 68 QUEFIRA DE L'ORMEAU
Passed Georgie Spence 67 HALLTOWN HARLEY
Passed Kazuma Tomoto 66 TACOMA D'HORSET
Passed David Britnell 64 CONTINUITY
Passed Bill Levett 62 LASSBAN DIAMOND LIFT
Passed Andrew Nicholson 59 SWALLOW SPRINGS
Passed Alicia Hawker 57 CHARLES RR
Passed Will Furlong 56 COLLIEN P 2
Passed Virginia Thompson 55 STAR NOUVEAU
Passed Matthew Heath 54 THE LION
Passed Pietro Sandei 47 RUBIS DE PRERE
Passed Clare Abbott 44 EURO PRINCE
Passed Michael Ryan 43 DUNLOUGH STRIKER
Passed Tom McEwen 42 TOLEDO DE KERSER
Passed Clara Loiseau 41 WONT WAIT
Passed Julia Norman 40 CARRYON BOBBY BOY
Passed Malin Josefsson 39 GOLDEN MIDNIGHT
Passed Millie Dumas 38 ARTISTIEK
Passed Nicky Hill 37 MGH BINGO BOY
Passed Tom Jackson 35 CARPA DU BUISSON Z
Passed Jesse Campbell 33 CLEVELAND
Passed Piggy French 32 VANIR KAMIRA
Passed Ciaran Glynn 31 NOVEMBER NIGHT
Passed Louise Romeike 28 WIELOCH'S UTAH SUN
Passed Hazel Towers 26 SIMPLY CLOVER
Passed Ben Hobday 23 HARELAW WIZARD
Passed Nicola Wilson 20 BULANA
Passed Christopher Burton 16 GRAF LIBERTY
Passed William Fox-Pitt 15 LITTLE FIRE
Passed Izzy Taylor 11 CALL ME MAGGIE MAY
Passed Gemma Tattersall 10 ARCTIC SOUL
Passed Oliver Townend 9 CILLNABRADDEN EVO
Passed Emma Hyslop-Webb 6 WALDO III
Passed Pippa Funnell 2 MAJAS HOPE