Final Inspection 2018

Passed Tom McEwen 93 STRIKE SMARTLY
Passed Oliver Townend 92 BALLAGHMOR CLASS
Passed Georgie Spence 89 WII LIMBO
Passed Ciaran Glynn 88 NOVEMBER NIGHT
Passed Caroline Powell 87 ON THE BRASH
Passed Gemma Tattersall 80 ARCTIC SOUL
Passed Sam Griffiths 79 PAULANK BROCKAGH
Passed Michael Owen 77 BRADELEY LAW
Passed Dani Evans 75 SMART TIME
Passed Harry Meade 74 AWAY CRUISING
Passed Emilie Chandler 73 COOPERS LAW
Passed Nana Dalton 70 ABSOLUT OPPOSITION
Passed Jonelle Price 68 CLASSIC MOET
Passed Joseph Murphy 67 SPORTSFIELD OTHELLO
Passed Tom Crisp 63 COOLYS LUXURY
Passed Carlos Diaz Fernandez 62 JUNCO CP
Passed Ashley Edmond 60 TRIPLE CHANCE
Passed Lissa Green 59 HOLLYFIELD
Passed Cedric Lyard 58 QATAR DU PUECH ROUGET
Passed Regis Prud'hon 57 KAISER HDB 4175
Passed Paul Tapner 56 BONZA KING OF ROUGES
Passed Kirsty Short 55 COSSAN LAD
Passed Will Furlong 53 COLLIEN P 2
Passed Imogen Murray 52 IVAR GOODEN
Passed James Sommerville 50 TALENT
Passed Georgie Strang 49 COOLEY EARL
Passed Rosalind Canter 45 ALLSTAR B
Passed Sarah Bullimore 44 REVE DU ROUET
Passed Flora Harris 43 BAYANO
Passed Virginia Thompson 42 STAR NOUVEAU
Passed Lauren Kieffer 40 VERONICA
Passed Simon Grieve 39 DRUMBILLA METRO
Passed Imogen Gloag 37 BRENDONHILL DOUBLET
Passed Lydia Hannon 36 MY ROYAL TOUCH
Passed Tim Price 34 RINGWOOD SKY BOY
Passed Giovanni Ugolotti 32 CULT REWIND
Passed Michael Jung 30 LA BIOSTHETIQUE - SAM FBW
Passed Selena O'Hanlon 28 FOXWOOD HIGH
Passed Alan Nolan 25 BRONZE FLIGHT
Passed Kate Honey 24 FERNHILL NOW OR NEVER
Passed Padraig McCarthy 22 MR CHUNKY
Passed Dag Albert 21 MITRAS EMINEM
Passed Ben Hobday 19 MULRY'S ERROR
Passed Dan Jocelyn 17 DASSETT COOL TOUCH
Passed Alicia Hawker 16 CHARLES RR
Passed Oliver Townend 10 COOLEY SRS
Passed Gemma Tattersall 7 PAMERO 4
Passed Mark Todd 6 LEONIDAS II
Passed Alexander Bragg 5 ZAGREB
Withdrawn Andrew Nicholson 4 NEREO
Passed Tom McEwen 3 TOLEDO DE KERSER
Passed Georgie Spence 2 HALLTOWN HARLEY
Passed Caroline Powell 1 UP UP AND AWAY